When the bride wears the engagement ring ?

Feb 17th, 2012

The custom of engagement rings started 1000s of yrs in the past. The heritage of the engagement ring stays unchanged from the hundreds of years. Normally provided for the woman from the gentleman, it’s been quite possibly the most vital symbol of love, a plead to hearing those famed anticipated words: “Yes, I’ll marry you!”

The near future bride wears the engagement ring for the whole world to see. The love of her life is along with her, this is a immediate link to her lover’s heart and his guarantee, irrespective of the distance. Admiring the brilliance of the sparkling diamond engagement ring isn’t just looking into a precious stone; the significance goes far further than that. It’s jewelry that speaks to the soul and radiates the presence of love anywhere you might be.

The historical past with the engagement ring dates back to ancient Egyptian times. Through the millennia engagement rings have changed, nowadays a diamond engagement ring is the most desired in the planet. About eighty percent of engagement rings sold today are diamond.

Diamonds were 1st found in India approximately 800 B.C. but did not become readily available to a broader marketplace right up until the discovery of diamonds in Africa during the 19th Century.

The diamond is definitely the toughest pure mineral identified. The word diamond originates from the Greek word “adamas” which means indestructible.

A lot of myths exist nowadays about diamonds. The Greeks believed that diamonds had been the tears from the Gods. The Romans thought that diamonds have been stars that fell through the sky.

Diamonds were very , only the royalty, or incredibly affluent could delight in them. It is actually recorded that the first diamond engagement ring was offered to Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg, Austria in 1477.

From the 16th century on, royal marriages involved diamond rings. In 1839, Queen Victoria acquired a diamond engagement ring from Prince Albert. When time arrived, Prince Philip held the diamond tradition by providing his fiance, now Queen Elizabeth II, an engagement ring with diamonds from the crown of Princess Alice, his mom.

Combination diamond and other gems grew to become preferred. The Queen Mother’s engagement ring incorporated sapphire and diamonds. The ring of Princess Anne resembled that ring as well. Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a sapphire and diamond ring. Sarah Ferguson was proposed with a ruby and diamond ring.

During the 18th Century diamonds became much more accessible with the discovery of diamonds in Brazil. With the higher supply of diamonds trendy diamond jewelry became vogue. In 1886, the famous Tiffany House began to market a solitaire diamond engagement ring.

The popularity of diamond jewelry grew to become more pronounced on the entry into the market place from the now famed De Beers diamond merchants during the middle of the twentieth Century. Their advertising campaign helped make the diamond engagement ring what it truly is today.

Over the generations, a lot of modifications have occurred in the style and shape of engagement rings. Irrespective of whether the ring is classic, contemporary, or antique style, they all have discovered a place in the industry.

Some rings have much more than 1 diamond. Dazzling styles include other treasured gems, just like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. A diamond is usually formed by a range of ways. Engagement rings is usually designed to reflect a mood or simply a woman’s choice. They could be romantic, they may be charming, plus they all will make a statement. Diamond shapes include pear, round, princess, heart, marquis, and square.

The ring by itself comes in a myriad of ways. They can be found in white gold and platinum, in yellow gold, some in a combination of yellow and white. Filigree rings have been preferred back in the nineteenth century, but nonetheless maintain the charm nowadays. The sides on the ring may also be made to hold tiny diamonds, or be embellished with engravings or carvings of all types, hottest being flowers, leaves and hearts. Any design created to bring out the full magnificence with the center diamond is conceivable.

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